Cyber Security Centre, DIU is a non-profitable organization which is focused on applied research in cyber security intending to retain cyber crime. Our initiatives include security awareness programs, seminars, training sessions, information security innovation projects and cyber security services for private & public sectors.


  • Identify and extend research initiative in solving modern information security challenges;
  • Establish and grow partnerships with industries & professionals to ensure the security research retains significant;
  • Develop and support educational initiatives that continuously evolve with state- of-the-art security issues and technologies in all thrust areas;
  • Establish awareness of security threats, solutions, and initiatives.

    We promote applied research on cyber security ,and also educate people by conducting awareness & training program on a broad spectrum of security requirements and best practices. By leveraging the skills and expertise of Bangladesh and global experts on collaborative and co-operative projects we promote the diffusion of a cyber security culture. We also provide specialized support to govt. and industry on legal and policy frameworks, regulations, strategies and security standards. And we also support those institutions in protecting their critical infrastructure an services


  • Applied Research
  • Awareness Program
  • Technical & Vendor Training
  • Innovation Project Design
  • Implementation
  • Information Security
  • Services for public & private
  • sectors